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Why You Should Consider Being a Podcast Guest


Every business owner knows that good marketing plays a crucial role in their success. They recognise that social media content is needed to keep their followers growing, happy and interested. And they are fully aware that to keep up with their competitors a strong online presence is the name of today’s game.

But every business owner also knows that they rarely have the time to feed this insatiable marketing beast that never seems to be satisfied. Afterall, unless you are actually a marketing expert, your specialties, skills and knowledge lie elsewhere. I don’t need to tell you that managing your actual everyday business and possibly even a team, is a full time job.

So how does the modern day business owner, entrepreneur and coach, care for his or her company demands whilst also giving adequate attention to it’s marketing needs?

I have discovered the answer. Podcast guesting!

Being featured as an expert guest on podcast shows has tremendously benefited me and my business. From the comfort of my office chair, with little more than a decent mic and simply an hour, or less, of my time, I can have a one-to-one conversation where I can share my story, impart my knowledge, and hopefully inspire others. And it’s actually enjoyable!

I have discovered from experience that the benefits of doing podcast interviews are extensive and of great value. Here’s why I love being a podcast guest:

The Listener. In today’s saturated market, interview features give me the edge over my competitors. My company gets more exposure and the interviews help establish me as a thought-leader, boosting my reputation as an industry expert. Within an interview session I also have the opportunity to direct interested listeners to my website and even offer a free download gift - a great way to extend my email list.

The Marketing. Each time an episode is aired it becomes ever-green marketing content that is forever searchable online. Months, even years, after I have recorded an interview a person who searches my name, my business, or even an area of my expertise, can find and listen to my interview. Additionally, my team and I can use each episode as content to be repurposed and posted on our website or social media platforms (got to keep the beast fed).

Probably of most value to my business though, comes from host posting. After recording an interview, most podcast hosts will post the episodes to their website with show notes/transcript and will link the guests site. What this does for me or you, as the guest, is provide organic backlinks which impacts your SEO hugely. Very smart!

The Community. Now sure, I do podcast guesting because I recognise its value to me as a business owner. However, I also want to genuinely be a great guest and impart something of value to the listeners. I appreciate the opportunity to be invited on a show and see it as a chance to give something back. When I offer knowledge or advice in my areas of expertise I hope that it will help someone. Podcasting is quite unique in the fact that it provides global outreach and helps bring us all a little closer.

I love being involved with podcasting, but in reality I do not have the time or desire to be emailing podcasts hosts and pitching myself as their next amazing guest. It goes back to the more important needs of my business that require my attention and not having enough hours in the day for the more mundane marketing side of things.

Sure you can do it yourself. But I use a company who specialise in booking podcast interviews. There are a few out there, but I personally work with The Expert Bookers. They are a very experienced team of nice ladies who are a joy to work with. They secure and schedule all of my interviews, ensuring every booking is on a good show worth my time, in areas of my expertise and with my target audience. They do it all and do it well. I would recommend checking them out at www.expertbookers.com or drop an email to Natalie Davey, the company Founder, at [email protected].

So, fellow business owner, if I can impart one game changing piece of advise with regards to the marketing of your business, it would be to consider delving into the world of podcast guesting.

If you would like to hear some of my recent interviews simply search ‘Michele Molitor’ in iTunes.

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About the Author Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis is our Director of Strategy and is a complete crypto enthusiast. He has worked in numerous blockchain projects and has provided extensive marketing services to help fund multimillion dollar ICO.

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